HTML5 test

A test for people with a passion for user interface development.

Before starting, please read carefully through the instructions below. You are free to look up any information online and offline and spend as much time on the test as you deem necessary. Please direct any questions to Eric Nishio [email protected].

Your task is to create a small signup form and a list of participants with React, meeting the following requirements:

  1. Use Create React App to scaffold your application
  2. Generate 20 participants that contain randomized values for the following properties: id, name, email address, and phone number
  3. Render a table that displays the participants on individual rows
  4. Create a form for adding new participants to the table (remember to validate the form)
  5. Make each participant editable by clicking on a table cell (inline editing)
  6. Add support for deleting rows
  7. Make each column sortable upon clicking on a column header
  8. Write a developer-friendly installation guide on how to run the app
  9. Push your code to a public GitHub repository
  10. Deploy a live build on the internet


Upon completing the test, please push your code to a new public repository on GitHub, deploy a live build on the internet, and email both links to [email protected].

Good luck!